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Satellite Receivers Decoders

Servsat offers a selection of satellite receivers-decoders from Wellav, Digisat and IDC, FTA and with encryption with multiple option.

Wellav Technologies MPEG2/4 SD/HD Decoder
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Wellav MPEG-2/4/SD/HD Integrated Receiver/Decoder  Model UMH160R  Base model includes:Receive & decode, MPEG2/4, SD/HD: DVB-S/S2 &ASI in, (1 Channel) w/ASI,CVBS, HDMI outputs, Audio: AC3,AAC, MPEG-1. Next Configuration includes SDI Output. Following model include additionally IP Output.  

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Base US$894 Base+SDI US$1,110 Base+SDI+IP US$1,650
Digisat Multi-Channel Professional IRD DMB-9060. MPEG-2/H.264 SD/HD
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Multichannel 2 and 4 Channel Professional IRD . Decoding and decryption function. Tuners allow receiving programs from different frequencies. Includes 2 o 4 DVB Slots CI.Input: Tuner*4/2+IP ,SD/HD MPEG2/H.264 decoding , 2/4*CI+BISS decryption.
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2-channels US$2,490 4-channels US$4,010
International Datacasting SD or HD Decoder Model HMR5440
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International Datacasting Video Decoder  Standard Definiton or High Definition, Model HMR5440 - Standard Unit - contains ASI & 2 DVB-S QPSK RF inputs, can decode 4:2:0. Streams from SD or HD, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4.  Audio Outputs analog, digital or embedded.

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International Datacasting Super Flex DVB-S/S2 Receiver Decoder
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International Datacasting Super Flex DVB S/S2 Satellite Receiver Decoder Enterprise Video  Model Super Flex  Provides the power and flexibility for e-cinema, business television and distance learning networks.
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