AVL Motorized Antenna 1.8m Tx/Rx Ku Band
AVL Motorized Antenna 1878

Motorized Antenna 1.8m Tx/Rx Ku Band Model 1878. Reflector AvL Composite Material, Optics Offset, Prime Focus, .8 f / d, Drive system Az / The patented Positioner Roto-Lok®270 ° Az and 0-90 ° El.

• 1.8m AvL Engineered Composite Reflector

• Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive

• Compact/Rugged Pol Gear Drive

• Optional Rotary Joint on Pol Axis with Flex W/G to BUC

• “One-Button” Auto-Acquisition Standard Rx/Tx Feed

•  Fixed Feed: 2-Port Ku-Band Precision (standard Cross-Pol comp.) Polarization Adjustment

• Rotation of Feed with Motorized Worm Gear Drive Standard Colorization

•  AvL Metallic Gray (optional colors available)