C-COM Auto-acquire Antenna 1.8m Rx/Tx Ku Band
iNetVu Drive-Away Antenna 1800

C-COM Platform Antenna Rx/Tx Ku Band Model 1800+.  Includes Reflector 1.8m, Power Assembly, 75 Ohm F-Type, Cross Polarization Assembly, OMT, Controller with GPS antenna, serial cable, USB cable, motor, sensor and 75 ohm coaxial cable. Does not include BUC and LNB.

• One-Piece precision offset, thermoset-molded reflector with back cover
• Heavy duty feed arm capable of supporting up to 11kg (25 lbs) RF Electronics (LNB & BUC)
• Designed to work with the iNetVu® 7000C controller
• Works seamlessly with the world’s most popular  commercially available satellite modems
• 3 Axis motorization
• Supports manual control when required
• One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku or C band satellite within 2 minutes
• Locates satellites using the most advanced satellite acquisition methods
• Supports Skyware Global 1.8m antenna Type 183
• Standard 2 year warranty