Sat-Lite 1.47m Motorized Vehicle-Mount SNG.
Sat-Lite Antenna Vehicle Mount 1411

1.47m Motorized Vehicle-Mount. SNG. Model 1411.  Carbon Fiber Composite Reflector. Multiple Controller Configurations.

Novus model 1256. High performance VSAT antenna. Configured for auto-aiming with manual function. Polymer composite reflector

• High Performance SNG Applications
• Intelsat / Eutelsat Compliant with Appropriate Feed
• Sat-Lite Cirrus Controller
• Carbon Fiber Reflector
• Handcrank Included
• Low Stow Height and Space-Optimizing Stowed Configuration
• Designed for Boom Mounted Redundant RF Packages up to 100 lbs
• Multiple Feed Options for X, Ku, and Ka Bands