Sat-Lite Motorized Flyaway Antenna Ku Band TxRx 1.8m
Sat-Lite Motorized Flyaway Antenna 1.8m, 1832 Celero

The Sat-Lite Technologies Model 1832 Celero motorized flyaway antenna offers excellent performance for a high value package. The controller uses a compass, GPS, and DVBS-2 receiver that can be programmed to peak on known satellite carriers. The unit can also be supplied to work with a modem.

• Intelsat Compliant

•  Multi-Band C, X, Ku band Frequencies

•  Ships in 4 Ruggedized Cases

•  Superior Stability in Wind

•  Excellent Reliability

• Minimal Maintenance

•  Less than 15 min Assembly Time

•  All Captive Hardware

•  Auto-locate Controller with Compass, GPS, and DVBS-2 Receiver

•  Integrated Feed Boom Options