Sat-Lite Flyaway Antenna 1.8m Ku Band, 1822 Celero
Sat-Lite Flyaway Antenna 1.8m , 1822 Celero

Flyaway Antenna 1.8m  Ku Band Tx/Rx Antenna Model 1822.Celero. Excellent performance in lightweight value in a portable package. This antenna has a segmented 2 or 4 piece reflector. The design of the tripod pedestal, elevation-overazimuth provides great rigidity with minimal assembly time. 

• Intelsat Compliant

• Multi-Band C, X, Ku band Frequencies

• Multiple Integration Options

• Compact Packaging

• Superior Stability in Wind

• Excellent Reliability

• Minimal Maintenance

• Less than 15 min Assembly Time

• Captive Hardware